samedi 22 juin 2013

Option Bot 2.0 Review - Option Bot 2.0 Bonus

Option Bot 2.0 Review - Option Bot 2.0 Bonus 

Option Bot 2.0 Review

Hey,it is likely you discovered my webpage because you are searching for a little extra cash or simply need that Additional EDGE in the trading industry. While I’ve obtained some accomplishment with exchanging binary options, I’m yet in the creating of my personal case analysis, exactly where I reveal how I made a really nice income from binary options. The Specific steps I used on my strategy to monetary prosperity.

Option Bot 2.0 requires a while to obtain the currency pairs and their trend. It then notifies you and shows you almost all the models that have potential. If a pair went up, you situate your current trade thats it’s breaking down and vice-versa.

I highly recommend checking the CHART to make sure it’s a DOWNWARD/UPWARD trend.

These are generally the three models he pick:

USD/CHF uptrade (10% of balance= $699USD)
GBP/USD downtrade (10% of balance= $699USD)
EUR/USD downtrade (10% of balance= $699USD)

It consumed about half an hour for the positions to run out. You can observe that Gary profited around $1500

He beigns with $6995.79 in his account.

 These are the actual setting he used. M15 and 3 PIPS

 so here is the FINAL BALANCE of $8491.65 

He opened his positions around 14:55 GMT,and at 15:31 GMT, he earned $1495.86.All that can be copied and used over and over again thanks to option bot 2.0 .That’s a pretty nice payout for 40 minutes of work isn't it.

Option Bot 2.0 Bonus 

 when you get your copy just send me an email to with a buy facture to get you bonus worth $300,you'll be surprised ;)

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